Tracie J. Kelley


When you first meet Tracie, you immediately see and feel her energy, her dedication, and her passion about building and designing custom homes. She has a fierce and competitive spirit, naturally. Her one-of-a-kind custom home designs stand alone. Tracie offers a unique approach with her many talents and professional licenses, business ownerships, extended education and over 25 years of experiences on multi-levels which have helped shape and guide her to be the successful business woman she is, today. Traveling the world as a successful fitness and figure competitor, she is well equipped, both, mentally and physically, while pursuing her passion for the Real Estate and home building industry. Much like being in the fitness world, whether competitive or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, being a General Contractor requires great momentous dedication and a willingness to be diverse, to expect and accept challenges, many sleepless nights, and, in the very least, to be an overcomer while approaching unexpected crossroads with grace and humor. To give more than expected. To simply be different while offering more and maintaining much integrity. Tracie is dedicated to her family, her husband and their four fine boys, keeping her Inspired, reminding her of how to forgive often and to love more. Her passion and integrity for the industry were instilled at an early age where she often played at a lumber yard in North Little Rock, Arkansas, then, Mechanics Lumber Company, where her father was employed. As todays demands for Tracie's unique home designs and builds have grown, so has her team of professionals, and as important, her ongoing devotion to creating timeless custom home designs. Although Tracie's overall build process is special, her clients matter most. This is just one reason her clients continue to trust her in building their most important and valuable asset. Her mission is to empower so many looking at the design and building process and to help turn their dream into reality. At the end of the building process is a custom home that details a unique reflection of you and your family. Not only does Tracie J. Kelley custom design and build new homes, she is 100% involved in the overall build process; meaning there is ZERO tolerance for builder absence. Tracie is constantly reviewing and inspecting each site ensuring each step of the build process is performed above standard. On any given day and with any new home build, Tracie just might be one of the helping hands, from painting an interior home to touring showrooms with her clients, taking trips together to gain the advantages of specialty products not found locally, to even on-site custom built cabinets. From a builder who takes design and building each of her homes to a personal level, you will immediately see and feel the difference of her passion for the Real Estate industry and witness her revitalize neighborhoods throughout Central Arkansas!


On A Personal Note »


Meet the woman behind the industry, Tracie J. Kelley. As a thriving entrepreneur who takes her client's needs to heart, Tracie is a woman of many talents. While priding herself on her business endeavors, she values her family above all. As a mother and wife, she enjoys engaging in activities that are rooted in her enjoyment of nature and togetherness. Additionally, Tracie is very fond of animals; particularly Labrador Retrievers.


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