Elegant Stone Backsplash!


At KellCo Custom Homes, Inc., we believe that every element of your home should reflect high-end materials and quality craftsmanship. That's why we utilize the best materials available. Tracie J. Kelley hand picks unique, durable materials that will serve as timeless features for your space. With options like classic quartz, stone backsplashes, to rich-wooden cabinetry, you'll fall in love with the hand-pick selections.

Stainless Sass!

Tracie J. Kelley believes in making the most out of your custom home build. One-of-a-kind and uniquely designed!

Recalling the age of quality and craftmanship, we hand select our wood flooring to insure the flooring reveals exceptional character and unsurpassed beauty. Tracie chooses custom designs exceptional hardwood floors and for those who seek style, elegance, individuality and durability.

Tracie's classic to contemporary designs offers truly spectacular floors in range of beautiful species, colors, styles and textures to suit any personality or lifestyle. Choosing flooring made in America, from American hands, each home designed with only the best in materials is a reflection of who we are and the quality we provide.

Hand-Scraped Hickory

Exclusive Flooring:

Traditional Character, such as Black Walnut Maple, Hard Maple Natural, Hickory Turmeric, Hickory Saddle, Hickory Chinchilla, White Oak Natural, White Oak Espresso, with added character grades of Hickory Natural, Hickory Umber, Hickory Sand and Hickory Mink.

We absolutely love beautiful hardwood floors as seen and enjoyed in every home Tracie builds!

  • Hand-Scraped Character
  • Soft Scraped
  • Smooth & Smoked
  • Hand-Scraped & Smoked

  • Hand-Scraped
  • Wire Brushed & Smoked
  • Wire Brushed
  • Weathered
  • Oak Kerfkut Birch

Leathered Quartzite

PRICE! Quartzite is certainly the more expensive than that of most surfaces, however, if budget allows, quartzite countertops is an all natural stone--a sister surface to quartz. Quartzite does need to be sealed once a year.

Quartz is a man-made surface and will never be the real deal. It has a non-porous surface not necessarily needing sealed. It is said to be stain, scratch, heat, and impact resistant.

Granite is a durable material that is mostly resistant to heat and other kitchen elements, however, considering its porous nature, there can be staining if liquids or hot substances are left sitting on it's surface. Consider having granite tops resealed once a year.

Most surfaces can be easily cleaned with soap and water or a mild-natural household cleaner.

Decisions! Decisions!


Fine CabinetryKellCo Custom Homes builds high quality cabinetry for the homes in which it surrounds. Cabinet selection and carefully designing a functional kitchen is one of the main highlights to any kitchen and is an important task. You'll want to consider the compatibility of tones with your back splash and flooring to gain the effect you're seeking. Tracie J. Kelley can help you achieve those high-end looks with custom cabinetry molded to your vision. Bold, classy, durable wood cabinets is a favorite in a Tracie Kelley home.

One of the many factors Tracie considers when choosing wooden cabinets over that of a laminate or medium-density fiber board (MDF), which are mostly common, is this~

Wooden cabinets add a much greater value to the overall home.

APPEARANCE ! They are timeless and classic.

CUSTOMIZATION! Many shapes, designs and colors, including staining for greater custom.

VARIETY! This outweighs any other cabinet material.

DURABILITY! A high-end wood is extremely durable and long lasting. Not all woods are created equal.

Yes! Wooden cabinets are more expensive than the traditional cabinets. It serves to reason. No worries, you'll enjoy the many added benefits of having wooden cabinets.

Hickory Moldings

Crown molding adds elegance to any room. When properly done, crown moldings can increase a homes value. There are many unique and classy ways to get crazy with crown! As seen throughout the hickory crown shown here, this showcases the natural beauty that some exotic woods will naturally display. Hickory is a perfect choice when making your selection for custom crown moldings. lt allows the knots and grains within the wood to be more prominent, showcasing more of a rustic look. Hickory also comes in a #1 grade without all of the knots.