A home should reflect the family it inhabits. Whether Tracie builds a new home or performs a renovation, it's crucial that you feel confident that your builder can create a home that captures the essence of you and your family. Our first step is a chance to meet each other and learn more about your goals and expectations before we decide to move forward. That's why Tracie J Kelley takes the time to get to know you. Designing and building a home is an endearing passion and as evident in every home that she builds.

At KellCo Custom Homes, Inc., we discuss your vision for your home in great detail to structure a well-devised plan. With our level of knowledge and expertise, we can guide you through the process to propel a design that will meet your needs in a functional and aesthetic manner. At this point, we invite you to a VISION LIST MEETING or VIA Skype, to better understand you as a homeowner and as everyday people. This will help Tracie create a home that truly reflects your everyday lifestyle.

Additionally, an essential pre-design is visiting the site where your future home will be. Tracie carefully evaluates the property, view neighboring properties, etc., and she takes detailed photographs and measurements to create the unique home for that property chosen.

Once we have discussed your budget, your vision and overall goals the design process begins. Our contractors will create a detailed floor plan that will be structured in accordance to your vision list and local zoning laws. From rustic to contemporary in style, we utilize natural textures and rich color hues throughout each home to highlight and complement each architectural design beautifully. Tracie balances all factors from the pre-designing phases to create the initial design concept, then most importantly, the custom elements that make the design unique to you.

In addition, Tracie J Kelley has a special process which includes the approval process of building for clients. Tracie's most important goal during any construction process be that she as the builder, designer, and you, as the buyer/homeowner, have a strong and healthy relationship not only from the beginning phases but throughout the entire build process.

Before we begin building, we take the time to gain your approval once more. Our contractors will go over the layout, expenses, materials and all other details so you are sound in your decision before construction begins.

Unfortunately, Tracie is not able to build a home for everyone who seeks for her to build for them.

As a builder, Tracie ensures open lines of communication through the construction process with a team dedicated to addressing any onsite questions during construction. From start to finish, our contracting team is hard at work in the build process, bringing state-of-the-art tools, materials and exceptional knowledge to your home design. As with any construction site comes a variety of materials and debris. We keep all build sites as clean and tidy as possible throughout the entire phase of construction.